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Anything but Song Lyrics Comment Ficathon

Since upupa_epops ended up afflicted with more hours of work, and I ended up being afflicted with spare time because I'm on a break, ficathon!

The Anything But Song Lyrics Comment Ficathon

What's this about?
The fall tv season is upon us, bringing new shows and excitement and/or disappointment with returning ones, so lets celebrate and/or commiserate. Post prompts, answer prompts that inspire you with fanfiction. Any and all fandoms are eligible, but prompts cannot be song lyrics. If you do I will hunt you down, no one will check, probably, but I'm relying on your desire to have some fun and try some new prompts.

Mostly gacked from upupa_epops's here

1. Prompting: Prompt as much as you like, but post only one prompt per comment. Please use the following format: Fandom, Character(s)/Ship(s) [optional], Prompt

2. Fills: Post fills, or a link to your fill, as a reply to the prompt. When you fill a prompt, please link to it as a reply in this thread. Your header should include the title, rating, and any warnings that apply (characters, ships, and prompts answered optional). You're more than welcome to fill a prompt that has already been answered.

3. Since some of us are understandably left floundering without song lyrics to prompt, I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread to suggest places you can go to find inspiration for prompts.

4. Have fun!

If you would like to promote this ficathon, there is a post on tumblr, or use the promotion link with banner below:

Fandom-specific banners are here. If anyone is kind enough to make banners, please leave them in this thread.

Questions and comments can be directed here.

love the one you're with | R | TVD - Caroline (/Stefan /Tyler)
renaissance is the way to go | T | TVD - Katherine
faithless you and selfish me | PG13 | TVD - Caroline/Jeremy
Five Perfectly Acceptable Reasons to Get Out of Bed in the Morning | R | Agents of Shield - Melinda May
Eight Weeks Probation | PG13 | Veronica Mars - Logan & Mac
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Questions? Comments? Gossip?
Leave them here!

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Re: Questions? Comments? Gossip?
You are so great for this!!!!

also i hope you are enjoying your break and using it for some necessary rest time!!
Leave them here!

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Re: Banners!

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Please reply with the title, rating, warnings and link to your fill. Characters, ships, prompts answered, summaries, etc are optional. Warnings and rating are not.

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The Musketeers, Anne/Aramis, Five times Aramis stood guard in Louvre.
The 100, Bellamy/Raven, Our Father who art in Heaven. Our Father who art buried in the yard.
The 100, Bellamy/Clarke, au where the meet on the ark

Fandom, Character(s)/Ship(s) [optional], Prompt
Game of Thrones, Margaery/Benjen, literally anything as they're some weird crackship i have!
The 100, Bellamy/Clarke, during the outbreak it's not ugh!Finn that catches Clarke but Bellamy
Sleepy Hollow, Abbie/Ichabod, anything from their purgatory-fake-year when they were training and growing closer
From Dusk Till Dawn, Kate/Seth, Seth teaches her the art of grand theft auto, and Kate uses it to steal their car and chase after her family.

(You can decide whether she comes back or not.)
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