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so... btvs takes a long time to get hooked on, right?

If I were to get a friend started (a friend who was resistant to the idea, much less) on four episodes, where would I start?

I'm aware that there have been past polls/discussions about this but I can't for the life of me find them again--so if you want to throw me a link, that'd be great.

My friend has watched (and enjoyed): Firefly, The Avengers, Torchwood, Doctor Who ("Moffat makes his plots too complicated"). Also: The Daily Show/Colbert Report/Keiser Report/Fox News "for the lolz", and various mystery shows. She's seen snatches of BtVS before, maybe the first half of 2x01 and 6x01.
Maybe the pilot episode, "Angel," and "Prophecy Girl" out of season 1?

Then give her the first Spike episode as a sample of season 2.

It was actually "The Pack" that got me hooked out of season 1 but that seems to be a minority opinion.

Oh, yes, thanks for the suggestion of The Pack. She likes Xander, from what I remember... I think she's seen the first half of Angel (the ep), now that you mention it.
I don't know if it's long time to get hooked, so much as, the whole first season is a couple of notches below the show as a whole. If she wants to watch the long-arc stuff herself for the first time, I'd go with likeadeuce's choices for an abbreviated S1. If she knows the basic premise, though, you might want to go with "Prophecy Girl," "Lie to Me" "Surprise/Innocence," and "Passion." I guess that's five episodes, Lose Prophecy Girl. S2 is where it's at.
Yeah, that's why I'm leery about starting with s1... it doesn't date as well as s2-s6 (and presumably s7).

Huh, I'm not sure if she really does know the basic premise of the show, despite the snatches I made her she watched. Right now, we're at the stage of "true friendship is making my friends watch the same TV as me". Now that I think about it, she got bored by the pilot, and has seen part of Angel and Prophecy Girl so I might just go with "Lie to Me", "Surprise/Innocence", and then go back and show her "The Pack".
I would second poco's assertion that S2 is where it's at! I, however, am one of those people who needs to start at the beginning and go all the way through. So you may need to take that into account if your friend is like me!
Awesome, s2 it is.

Hm, she and I watched Doctor Who in its entirety out of order, so I think she might be ok. Given that she knows Angel's a vampire, I can't think of too many big revelations she'll have missed out on.
Excellent plan. I am currently doing a rewatch of S2 myself and it is EXCELLENT!
I'll answer in even more detail. My favourite seasons, in order, are:

5 > 2 > 3 > 6 > 4 > 1

(I haven't watched s7 yet, so I'm not sure where that would fall)

The thing about s5 is, it's only my favourite in context of s6 and seeing where the holes in each character's development are filled in. But I love Glory and Dawn, I love Buffy's arc and Willow's arc and everything about Anya, and the entire run from just after Into the Woods (or including it, even) to The Gift is my favourite run of episodes plus at least two of my top 5 episodes overall.

Meaning I must now ask you what your favourite season is, plus reasons :D

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Thirding the above. This will always, always make me tear up/cry:

Plus, I love the 'No weapons, no friends, no hope. take all that away and what's left? Me.' scene from 2x22 an obscene amount
You make a good case for Prophecy Girl!

And now I'm stuck between showing her the s1 arc or starting from s2...

...I think I might just start with s2, and then show her s1 if she enjoys it enough to keep going.
Haha, TY.

This conversion thing was in exchange for me watching the two Hobbit movies with her (which I hadn't planned to watch, much less in theatre).
I usually over-think it by trying to figure out what would personally appeal to each individual the most. Like if they're a big fan of romantic plots then I would probably go for Surprise-Innocence as their intro, or if they would prefer comedy then I would maybe go with the funniest ones from season 4, or if they like angst and dark themes then maybe Lie To Me
Huh... actually, my friend tends to enjoy the comedy plots more... but I didn't consider showing them something later and now I wish I had. It's kind of unfortunate because I went out and bought the s2 and s3 DVDs yesterday, and s4 was there too but I didn't get them.

(I've only watched s4 once, though, so any suggestions? Because honestly, when I think of funny episodes from s4 my mind goes first to... Beer Bad, which I take it isn't everyone's favourite. And my friend hasn't met Spike properly yet so she probably wouldn't find Something Blue quite as hilarious.)
Maybe something like the thanksgiving episode Pangs? I think that season 4 has a lot of very strong standalone episodes like that for introducing newbies to the series
Oh yes, that is wonderful choice. I'd forgotten that those were the episodes where Spike is still coping with non-violence.
Lol, ironically, after this entry, I realized that my friend was going out of town for a month--and by the time she was free, I'd have started university already.

But I think it's going to be School Hard, Pangs, Hush, then maybe Lie to Me.