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In other news: random other stuff I did that has not been mentioned on lj so far, all related to tumblr-ish/photoshop pursuits.

Expressive Enough. Dragonfable. Hero/Tomix.
"While the world’s nearly ended a couple of times, this has never happened before. I didn't think you knew how to sleep." ~900 words. PG.

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Yuletide recs!

I haven't done as much reading this year as I did previously, but there are an absolute plethora of gorgeous stories, and I hope you check these out.

First off, the absolutely gorgeous Yuletide gift I received.

just an ordinary girl. All Ages. Wicked Lovely, Siobhan, Aislinn, Leslie, Donia.
being four (unrelated) ficlets about Siobhan the Summer Girl

I left a seven-part comment on this because I had so much to say, I kid you not.

For those of you who don't know, Wicked Lovely is a YA book series that I recc'd last year (the entire post is a bit ridiculous, but because of love). One of the reasons I adored it so was the way the series' views on women, power disparities in relationships, complicated relationships between women, and women in power, were treated, and Siobhan and Aislinn were two of the ways it best demonstrated that. This story takes all of that to the next level: Aislinn exploring her powers as leader of a faery court, with Siobhan as her main advisor and teacher, with commentary on the girls that are usually passed over in stories - the girls who aren't brave or into serious business, the girls who are flighty, the girls who desire and are lumped into one category because of that, no matter how different the way.

But THAT ASIDE, the story is just beautiful and heartwarming and funny. The collision of the modern with the magical, faery queens who skype and bob heads to music together, the wistful beauty in moments when the characters consider their immortality when their families were very mortal... and the angsty but ultimately happy femmslash! Please, go read it and shower my awesome author with praise.

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Anything but Song Lyrics Comment Ficathon


rec list: i feel loved (hp, tp, dw + others)

awesome fic that awesome people wrote for me / my prompts

Please, PLEASE holler if I've missed anything! I want to be as comprehensive as possible. Because all the fics are excellent and deserve more love.

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In addition, individual fanfic rec posts:
Yuletide 2013 (gifts for me)
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lucifer/mazikeen: otp for life

For [personal profile] mfirefly10, who asked me a question on a meme, except my response got way too long for a comment.

If I'm reading your ship list right, it looks like this ship (LUCIFER/MAZIKEEN) is your ultimate favorite. I know nothing about it but why are they your favoritest favorite, assuming they are?

Open the Pandora's Box why don't you. (My feelings are lengthy and hard to filter.)

Because it's the most perfect canon a ship has been lucky to have, ever? Lol, which tells you nothing.

I think, if these two characters were anything other than themselves, the love story wouldn't be nearly as significant. Lucifer and Mazikeen are both comic book characters, minor characters created by Neil Gaiman in his series, The Sandman, and then expanded much more fully on by Mike Carey in his series, Lucifer.

(And I must take this moment to pimp the series, which is my favourite comics series ever, flawless storytelling and incredible characters, and the setting, wow. I like it even more than I love Beauty Queens, and I genuinely can't think of any book that I like more than Beauty Queens.)

Lucifer is The Devil. Satan, first fallen, the bringer-of-light, the snake in the garden -- whatever you want to call him. Like the Biblical Lucifer, he waged war on God, lost, and ended up ruling Hell. Except in this version, after realising that being ruler of Hell was also part of God's plan for him, he abdicates and... ends up running a bar in LA. His defining characteristics are really (1) his willpower, and (2) his search for freedom from God's plan. There's also that business about being bringer-of-light and the strong power it brings. Mike Carey puts best why he's The Devil:

"[Lucifer is] the ultimate solipsist - the guy who'd burn the world down to light his cigarette. He's not cruel, particularly - although he's capable of cruelty - he's just so focused on his own goals and his own needs that nobody else exists for him. It's fascinating to see how that plays out, and how he affects the people who cross his path. [...] That solipsism makes him appallingly dangerous, but he's not evil in the sense of wanting destruction or harm for others. All of which is really just casuistry, because I think total self-absorption is probably the root of most evil that we meet in the world - and so Lucifer can stand quite well as the embodiment of whatever it is that makes us see someone else's life as less important than our immediate comfort."

Also, he looks like David Bowie.

Mazikeen is a demon warleader. She starts off in Sandman as one of Lucifer's servants, ENTIRELY devoted to him. When Lucifer leaves Hell, she follows him to his new nightclub/bar in LA as a waitress. She's a fierce warrior queen, soldier, berserker fighter, with this old-school concept of chivalry (basically, Lucifer is her lady and she is his knight). Where Lucifer is sly and flippant, she's blunt and stoic and every bit as strong-willed as Lucifer, and though she starts off being defined by spending her life following Lucifer's wishes, throughout the series, Mazikeen's sense of self is asserted again and again. Really, she has this fabulous development arc. (Lol, can you tell I absolutely love her character?)

She starts off looking like this (the skin's peeled off half her face), which we later find out is the face she chose for herself -- "the closest thing she has to a soul". She gets changed to this soon into the comic, which angers her and makes her leave Lucifer, to find the power to get her own face back.

As for Lucifer and Mazikeen...Collapse )

I warned you I had SO MANY FEELINGS.

Congratulations if you actually managed to read all this.

ETA: Yuletide 2013 made me come back to this post, and made me realize I'd drawn my ideas from reading other posts. Namely, the two linked in 3b. Go~ look at those fabulous posts~~
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Writing Masterlistus (updated 25 October 2014)

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[ship and character masterlist]

This is a non-exhaustive list of my ships/characters/fandoms. I've kept it to my top 5 / top 10 in one special case, to avoid being overly verbose. I'm up to date unless otherwise specified.

Underlined are my special favourites, as in ALL-TIME OTPs NOTHING ELSE MATTERS 2 ME
Bolded are current obsessions (that will probably fade in time)
* = It's complicated
- = anti-ships (serious / it makes me die a little bit inside ones) / characters of actual hatred

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May also be of interest
Top 5 female characters
Top 5 pairings of all time
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