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Dear Yuletide Writer 2015

Thank you for advance for writing for me! I'm a pretty easy to please person, and though I've given prompts below, it's purely to provide vague inspiration - if another idea grabs you, feel free to write that. Some fandoms are more detailed than the others, but it's purely because I've nominated more characters / more varied ships and feel the urge to explain everything.

You definitely don't have to include all the characters requested! I've written the combinations below I'd particularly like.

LIKES: Shippiness especially canon ships, all writing styles (first, second, third), enemies-to-friends-to-lovers, power-trips, characters learning about their abilities, world-building especially around magic and/or politics, outside POVs, all story structures you can imagine but especially plot-driven stories, missing moments, character backstory, and society backstory i.e. stuff taking place thousands of years before canon. All ratings are fine, from family friendly to bondage smut. Smut is fine, but the only kinks I'm into are bondage and orgasm denial - I'm pretty vanilla tbh.

DISLIKES/DNW: Crossovers, MPreg, pure fluff, stories that are solely introspective character studies or a single conversation. I'm fine with literally anything else, including character death, incest, graphic violence, and unhappy ship endings (unless otherwise stated below), so long as it's part of the story.


Riddle-Master TrilogyCollapse )

Untamed CityCollapse )

Dogs (Manga)Collapse )

Guild HunterCollapse )

Psy ChangelingCollapse )

But above all, please don't stress over this gift. If it's barely 1000 words, then it's 1000 words. If something just grabs you, please feel free to write it. I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with.

FYI: My tumblr, my bookmarks on AO3

ETA: I'm moving at the end of the year into a completely new city. It's likely I won't be able to get internet access, so I apologise in advance if I don't comment immediately on my gift.
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What do you consider Gen?

In my previous entry, I whined talked briefly about how difficult I found it to separate what "gen" and "pre-romance" (but still shippy) fic meant. This was largely since my fics were short, and didn't actually get to anything sexual or overtly romantic, so they were categorized as 'romance' simply because of they were written with shippiness in mind -- but they could easily be regarded as gen, too. fluffyfrolicker commented, saying

sure, i'll have some sex/hooking up, occasionally in my fics, but i'll also enjoy most writing pre romance. and how does one differentiate between that and gen?

from what i've been thinking there's two ~realistic ways to handle this:

categorize things by the actual interaction/action in the fic, or
by the author's intent (?)

author's intent would probably be what i'd do if i was categorizing things just for myself

but if i'm categorizing it for, like, ao3, what do i do?

[snip]non-sexual bed sharing is one of my faaaavorite things for a ship. i love it love it love it. but, it's an openly non-sexual thing. so if i write, say two people i ship sharing a bed non-sexually without an intent of anything sexual/romantic, even if ultimately, i ship these two, is that gen, is it slash, is it both or neither?

right now i'm contemplating the idea that perhaps 80% of all my fic i've wrongfully tagged as slash and also contemplating tagging things as slash in general.

do you have things you definitely expect from a fic tagged slash? have you ever read something and thought it should've been tagged as gen when it was in fact tagged as slash?

My long and short answerCollapse )

But I thought I would open it up to the f'list (and wider) floor. How do you separate them in your head? As a note, though this discussion was inspired by the super awesome current challenge at multi_genfic, it's not really focused on that community's rules, but on fanfiction in general.
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Dear Yuletide Author 2014

Dear awesome anon author

I'd like to thank you in advance for whatever you decide to write for me. Yuletide is one of my favourite times of the year for both writing and reading and chatting.

General likes/dislikes:

LIKES: I like to think I'm pretty easy to please. I'm fine with pretty much every single writing style (including second-person), and story style (plotty 20k word casefic? I'd love it. A series of barely related drabbles? I go for that too! A story best told as twitterfic? Bring it!) I've never met a fusion I didn't like, but I also love canon introspection, missing moments, character backstory, and society backstory i.e. stuff taking place thousands of years before canon, worldbuilding, case fic, etc. All ratings are fine, from family friendly to bondage smut. Smut is fine, but the only kinks I'm into are bondage and orgasm denial - I'm pretty vanilla tbh. This part is pretty short, and I'll expand more in the individual fandom prompts.

Posts that might be useful: Patterns in my shipping fic recs

DISLIKES: Pure fluff, romanticised dysfunction. Absolutely everything else (incest/character death/unresolved tragedy/power differences) I'm fine with, and enjoy tbh.

Individual fandoms

Dragonfable | Spoilers for the end of Book 2Collapse )

AdventureQuest | Spoilers for the Hall of MemoriesCollapse )

Wicked Lovely | Series spoilersCollapse )

Riddle Master Trilogy | Series spoilersCollapse )

Wheel of Time | Series spoilersCollapse )

Psy-ChangelingCollapse )

For the rest of my f'list: this meme in my previous entry is still open, if anyone wants to play.

ETA: Sorry to everyone on my f'list who's seeing this again, I accidentally deleted the entry while editing it. >.
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Anything but Song Lyrics Comment Ficathon

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Yuletide 2013: Requests

Dear awesome anonymous author:

The only thing I'd request you, awesome writer, don't give me is extreme fluff. I don't mind fluff generally, but I tend to go off it quickly. Everything else, I am open to.

Likes: Canon-compliant/canon-divergence stories, missing moments, backstory, or fusions, fantastical AU settings (e.g. spaceship AU, serial killer AU), role reversals, genderswaps (m/f-> f/m and m/f->f/f), canon pairings, m/f and f/f, family relationships, people doing bad things for bad reasons (greed/jealousy/pettiness). I love all sorts of writing styles: drabble series, second-person, third-person limited prose, twitterfic, first-person, etc etc. PG13 - R is my favourite rating, but I'm open to everything.

Dislikes: Non-canon background pairings (I'm fine with a non-canon pairing as the focus), extreme fluff, fic that's only PWP, romanticised dysfunction. Absolutely everything else (incest/character death/unresolved tragedy/most kinks/power differences) I'm fine with.

My livejournal is entirely unlocked, so if you want to explore to get ideas, that's fine. You might find the various memes and fic rec lists (because I love doing them) useful.

Fandoms and detailsCollapse )

rec list: i feel loved (hp, tp, dw + others)

awesome fic that awesome people wrote for me / my prompts

Please, PLEASE holler if I've missed anything! I want to be as comprehensive as possible. Because all the fics are excellent and deserve more love.

tamora pierce fandomsCollapse )

harry potterCollapse )

doctor whoCollapse )

misc tvCollapse )

booksCollapse )

other fandomsCollapse )

In addition, individual fanfic rec posts:
Yuletide 2013 (gifts for me)

So... BOOK POST? "Carnival of Souls" by Melissa Marr

Carnival - Forfeit 1Carnival - Forfeit 3
The moment I decided I loved this book. Also, look I made GIFs :D

(Spoilers below are greyed out.)

The memories of shadows, ink on the page, And I can"t seem to find my way homeCollapse )

(+) In conclusion I ship things v. hard, and I like some characters, adore Evelyn and Aya, feel like the author and I are on the same wavelength RE: these characters, am intrigued by this world, enjoy the relationships. There are problems, but overall = LOVE.

(+) And also. Also. This cracked me up when I found out: apparently JAMES MASTERS / SPIKE is the reader for the audiobook? OMG.

(+) And also also, what is it with vampires with the same name turning up in the books I read? Some old thousand-year-old vampire named KLAUS was mentioned in Morganville Vampires. And I was recently rereading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, which just so happens to feature a mysterious vampire called SILAS.
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lucifer/mazikeen: otp for life

For [personal profile] mfirefly10, who asked me a question on a meme, except my response got way too long for a comment.

If I'm reading your ship list right, it looks like this ship (LUCIFER/MAZIKEEN) is your ultimate favorite. I know nothing about it but why are they your favoritest favorite, assuming they are?

Open the Pandora's Box why don't you. (My feelings are lengthy and hard to filter.)

Because it's the most perfect canon a ship has been lucky to have, ever? Lol, which tells you nothing.

I think, if these two characters were anything other than themselves, the love story wouldn't be nearly as significant. Lucifer and Mazikeen are both comic book characters, minor characters created by Neil Gaiman in his series, The Sandman, and then expanded much more fully on by Mike Carey in his series, Lucifer.

(And I must take this moment to pimp the series, which is my favourite comics series ever, flawless storytelling and incredible characters, and the setting, wow. I like it even more than I love Beauty Queens, and I genuinely can't think of any book that I like more than Beauty Queens.)

The CharactersCollapse )

As for Lucifer and Mazikeen...Collapse )

I warned you I had SO MANY FEELINGS.

Congratulations if you actually managed to read all this.

ETA: Yuletide 2013 made me come back to this post, and made me realize I'd drawn my ideas from reading other posts. Namely, the two linked in 3b. Go~ look at those fabulous posts~~