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Hello. Has it really been a month since I last posted? Wow um. This is going to be brief anyway, because it's mostly an excuse to post this:

holiday love meme 2014
my thread is here

People. Go make a thread for yourself so I can comment.

What I've been up to:

(-) I had my last exam a week ago. Lets not talk about it.
(-) The strangest thing about dinner in my household now is that we argue about current events in the US.
(+) My newest obsession is AdventureQuest Worlds (a MMORPG), save me.
(+) I watched Interstellar, and kwritten you were right, it is amazing. I shouldn't be so impressed by this, but wow spoilersCollapse ) Plus it was absolutely gorgeous and made my picspam senses itch.
(+) I also watched Mockingjay about two days after Interstellar, which was alas not as good. Enjoyed it, wasn't wowed.
(+) On the same movie-going trip where I watched Mockingjay, I also found some Buffy DVDs selling at a discounted price. The friend I was watching with, who has recently started on Buffy herself (after having to watch it for class), made off with Angel s1 and s2 despite my insisting she absolutely cannot watch until she's watched Buffy s3. I had to drag her away from the Supernatural DVDs which were not on sale.
(+) In the meantime, I have also watched The Fast and the Furious (1, 2, 4) which isn't really my thing. I don't mind action, but I have -50% interest in cars and things based on driving. Since I have the movies, I'm going to watch them all, but eeeeeeh. My only thought right now is Read more...Collapse )
(+) Also, lol @ the end of Naruto. 699 was a dream for more reason than one, as xx_pinkstar can probably attest to. 700 was eeeeeeeeh, take it or leave it.
(+) I'm catching up on Outlander. Had forgotten how pretty it was. I really, really need a soundtrack out stat, the music is gorgeous.
(+) Speaking of gorgeous music: Sailor Moon Crystal. I don't think anyone on my f'list is watching except Jordan (who i have already screamed at in PMs haha), but gosh I need a soundtrack from this as well.
(+) I have finally started my Yuletide fic properly, after much flailing and brainstorming because the source is... sparse to say the least. :/

Dear Yuletide Author 2014

Dear awesome anon author

I'd like to thank you in advance for whatever you decide to write for me. Yuletide is one of my favourite times of the year for both writing and reading and chatting.

General likes/dislikes:

LIKES: I like to think I'm pretty easy to please. I'm fine with pretty much every single writing style (including second-person), and story style (plotty 20k word casefic? I'd love it. A series of barely related drabbles? I go for that too! A story best told as twitterfic? Bring it!) I've never met a fusion I didn't like, but I also love canon introspection, missing moments, character backstory, and society backstory i.e. stuff taking place thousands of years before canon, worldbuilding, case fic, etc. All ratings are fine, from family friendly to bondage smut. Smut is fine, but the only kinks I'm into are bondage and orgasm denial - I'm pretty vanilla tbh. This part is pretty short, and I'll expand more in the individual fandom prompts.

Posts that might be useful: Patterns in my shipping fic recs

DISLIKES: Pure fluff, romanticised dysfunction. Absolutely everything else (incest/character death/unresolved tragedy/power differences) I'm fine with, and enjoy tbh.

Individual fandoms

Dragonfable | Spoilers for the end of Book 2Collapse )

AdventureQuest | Spoilers for the Hall of MemoriesCollapse )

Wicked Lovely | Series spoilersCollapse )

Riddle Master Trilogy | Series spoilersCollapse )

Wheel of Time | Series spoilersCollapse )

Psy-ChangelingCollapse )

For the rest of my f'list: this meme in my previous entry is still open, if anyone wants to play.

ETA: Sorry to everyone on my f'list who's seeing this again, I accidentally deleted the entry while editing it. >.
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Anything but Song Lyrics Comment Ficathon


i don't really feel like writing anything

Probably because scrolling on tumblr means I'm out of practice. But I've been playing around with photoshop so lets do this instead.

prompt me with a fandom/character/ship/etc + one of the below and I'll make you a picspam of 6-10 caps

  • Faceless
  • Looking Down
  • Bruised & Battered
  • Up Close & Personal
  • Scenerygasm
  • Full Body Shot(s)
  • Colours Abound
  • Silhouettes
  • My Emotions
  • the Space
  • Light!
  • Tickles My Pickle

ETA: Fills
Alice Morgan + Silhouettes for ever_neutral
Jane Foster + Colours Abound for kwritten
Emma BBC + Tickles My Pickle [shared elements] for fluffyfrolicker
From Dusk Till Dawn + Bruised and Battered for scorpiod1
The Borgias + Scenerygasm and Colours Abound for sherrilina
Rachel Grey-Summers + Colours Abound for redcirce
Charles Xavier + Up Close and Personal for horatios

A non-exhaustive list of experiences these past couple of weeksCollapse )

ps. i know this is a horrible excuse for a post
pps. i know i have been horrible at commenting these past few weeks (months?) i'm sorry :(
ppps. this meme is still open

underused female characters

Today is kwritten's topic for my talking meme:

Female characters you feel are underused by their universe and one AU for each that you feel would show off their awesome or more understated attributes (or - the fic you'd like to see written about them in/out of Universe)

All the womenCollapse )

Here, have a meme I snagged from horatios

Give me a fandom and I'll tell you which characters I would

# Push off a cliff
# Frick frack
# Marry
# Set on fire
# Wrap a blanket around
# Be roommates with

And if I’m not in the fandom, I’ll go by what I’ve learned from tumblr


ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny

Today is streussal's topic for my talking meme

Fannish crossovers that you want

In general, I'm not a big fan of crossovers. 99.9% of the time I don't care about two characters from different canons meeting, and I don't have any crossover ships. On the other hand, I have been enjoying some crossover fics lately that are making me warm up to the idea. (Fusions? Now FUSIONS I love. I haven't met a fusion I haven't liked, lol.)

Crossovers I wantCollapse )

talking meme: have you ever been in love? (patterns in my shipping)

sherrilina asked me about "trends you've noticed in your shipping" for my talking meme. You know me too well. Since I have over 600 ships, though, you can pick a trope and I probably ship five or six pairings that fit into it... kind of.

Lots of shipsCollapse )
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you cry and your tears are tears of blood: or, YULETIDE!!!!

I'll probably be posting again later when I've watched Time of the Doctor but first I absolutely HAVE to post about this. YULETIDE!!! Reasons it made my Christmas:

- I. Got. Six(!!!). Gifts. AND THEY WERE ALL AMAZING AND I SPENT AGES FLAILING OVER THEM THEN TRYING TO EXPRESS MY LOVE IN THE COMMENTS. This is especially hilarious because I was ~worried when my name went out on the pinch-hits, and considering how much of a mess my Dear Author letter was. This is my first yuletide too, and I'm already worried others won't ever live up to it. Seriously, this is more than I got in RL for the past two years combined.
- My recipient liked my story! 'Cos I remember being extremely nervous about this (not least because the writing style I choose was... not everyone's cup of tea), but s/he liked it!
- The new small fandom of my heart now has THIRTEEN MORE STORIES <3<3 and seriously, many they are stories I would have been thrilled to receive too SO NOW I WILL GO BINGE. Really though, I have like ~60 stories bookmarked for later and I'm only partway through scanning the archives (since I have time right now).

Recs and flailing below the cut (I'll make another general post for yuletide too, probably.)

Fics for Psy-Changeling, Lucifer, Dark is Rising, EarthseaCollapse )

I went around the day after with a huge grin on my face.

In conclusion: YULETIIIIIIIDE!!!
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Yuletide 2013: Requests

Dear awesome anonymous author:

The only thing I'd request you, awesome writer, don't give me is extreme fluff. I don't mind fluff generally, but I tend to go off it quickly. Everything else, I am open to.

Likes: Canon-compliant/canon-divergence stories, missing moments, backstory, or fusions, fantastical AU settings (e.g. spaceship AU, serial killer AU), role reversals, genderswaps (m/f-> f/m and m/f->f/f), canon pairings, m/f and f/f, family relationships, people doing bad things for bad reasons (greed/jealousy/pettiness). I love all sorts of writing styles: drabble series, second-person, third-person limited prose, twitterfic, first-person, etc etc. PG13 - R is my favourite rating, but I'm open to everything.

Dislikes: Non-canon background pairings (I'm fine with a non-canon pairing as the focus), extreme fluff, fic that's only PWP, romanticised dysfunction. Absolutely everything else (incest/character death/unresolved tragedy/most kinks/power differences) I'm fine with.

My livejournal is entirely unlocked, so if you want to explore to get ideas, that's fine. You might find the various memes and fic rec lists (because I love doing them) useful.

Fandoms and detailsCollapse )